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IN·ZO is certified according to the norm VCA*.

Company Declaration

The management of IN·ZO assumes that Safety, Health and Environment of our own and external employees should be a prior and to be pursued objective of the company policy and its operations.

The management of IN·ZO takes a stand that the risks for both physical and material damage should be minimized and that accidents can and must be prevented.

The management of IN·ZO handles among others following starting points related to safety management :

Safety is an integral part of the responsibility of all executives on all levels.

Always will be aimed to a continuous improvement of HSE.

Necessary measures shall be taken to prevent material and environmental damage.

In the labour process is Safety as important as productivity and Quality.

During the training of employees due attention must be given by the executives to the safety aspect.

All employees must be made aware of any dangerous situation, of the safe working method and of the safety regulations related to their job and the use of all equipment.

All employees have the responsibility to work under safe conditions so they guarantee by their way of working their personal safety and health and that of their colleagues.

Third parties (self-employed, contractors or subcontractors) working for our company are obligated to abide by the internal safety and hygiene regulations and by the statutory provisions.

Order and tidiness within the company are priorities and are the joint responsibility of all employees, as they are the prerequisite for safe working.

To achieve these objectives the company will provide the necessary time and resources.

The managing board counts on it that safety is a constant concern of all employees and that proposals and improvements are put forward, which contribute to the promotion of the overall safety event within IN·ZO

The management of IN·ZO is well aware that the objectives on the area of Safety, Health and Environment only can be achieved with the support and active participation of all employees.
This personal attitude directed toward safety must allow everybody to avoid also accidents in the private sphere.

Peter Snijers
Business manager