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Project Engineering

IN·ZO can supply functional analists, technical analists, analist programmers, highly skilled programmers, help desk staff, network specialists, hardware technicians, operators, database administrators, Microsoft Certified Engineers...

Our people can work with various systems: a wide range of mainframes such as VMS, BS2000, Digital, client-server configurations, all the currently available networks, AS400 and all imaginable PC configurations.

IN·ZO can assist on all levels of IT engineering, starting from the helpdesk, programmers, analists both technical and functional, engineers in all kind of applications.

Our IT specialists can provide programming services in the following languages: C, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic, Powerbuilder Cobol, .NET, Delphi, Sybase.

For the development of database driven websites we currently have experts that use Access, Oracle, ASP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, HTML, DHTML, PHP, CSS, Frontpage and of course all the tools from Microsoft, Adobe and Macromedia.