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Technical Assistance


Project Engineering

Construction management
Commissioning and pre-commissioning
Cost Control
Cost estimating
Draw up of task forces
Draw up specifications
General site supervision and field co-ordination
Lifting and rigging co-ordination
Material specialists
Paint & Insulation co-ordination
QA documentation en certification administration
Quality Assurance en Quality Control co-ordination
Safety Coördination
Safety Management
Safety Engineering and supervision
Screening, auditing of the subcontractors
Site administration
Telecommunication Field Co-ordination
Technical Translations
Validation Engineering
Warehouse co-ordination
Welding Co-ordination and field inspection
Work estimation and preparation

IN·ZO can assist on all levels within the general construction team, our experience with top worldwide engineering offices on new and renovation projects, have proven our quality in providing the right men on the right place.